Public sector reforms


An ANZSOG research paper for the Australian Public Service Review Panel
15 Mar 2019

This paper discusses the evaluation capacity and capability of the APS and how it can adopt a sustained approach to learning from successes and failures. It outlines the need for a cultural shift and an institutional framework that embeds the strategic importance and processes of...


15 Feb 2019

This document aims to provide strategic direction for the Victorian Public Service (VPS) to change and improve how it makes evidence part of policy and service design, the core business of the public service.

Policy report

15 Jan 2019

Victoria’s Public Sector Reform statement identifies outcomes as one of the key drivers to achieving the public service of the future.


Progress of the Australian Public Service gender equality strategy
20 Dec 2018

In the three years since the release of “ Balancing the Future: Australian Public Service Gender Equality Strategy 2016-19 ,” positive progress has been made to improve gender equality in the Australian Public Service (APS).

The APS is in a unique position as one...


3 May 2018

This report critically responds to the call for fiscal austerity and public sector downsizing, being made in response to the emergence of fiscal deficits in Western Australia.


23 Apr 2018

This audit was conducted as part of a multi-year audit program on implementation of the resource management framework introduced by the PGPA Act. It is intended to assist in keeping the Parliament, government and the community informed about the extent to which the resource management...


26 Feb 2018

This report recommends that the New South Wales public sector adopt stronger employment screening practices to help combat employment application fraud, which if left undetected, can ultimately allow other corrupt conduct to occur.

Discussion paper

22 Feb 2018

This discussion paper argues that the perception of corruption in Australia will continue to rise while allegations of corruption are either not investigated or are investigated entirely behind closed doors.


16 Feb 2018

The State Services Commission enables the delivery of the results that make the most positive difference for New Zealanders while protecting and enhancing the standards of integrity and conduct that make New Zealand’s State Service one of the best in the world.


12 Feb 2018

If the public service were a patient “it would be in palliative care”, says Terry Moran. Here’s what other secretaries have said about Australia’s loss of bureaucratic capacity.


30 Jan 2018

It is now taken for granted that trialling and testing inform medical practice. The What Works Centres that sit at the heart of the Network have begun to bring that same transformative approach to other public sector professions.


15 Jan 2018

As part of its Community Services Industry Planning work, VCOSS commissioned the Future Social Service Institute (FSSI) to write an evidence review on ten key areas of the community services sector.


An investigation into allegations of serious corruption involving Victorian vocational education and training, and public transport sectors.
8 Dec 2017

This special report details the findings and recommendations of a major IBAC investigation, Operation Lansdowne, into allegations of serious corrupt conduct relating to South West Institute of TAFE and Bendigo Kangan Institute of TAFE.


29 Nov 2017

This report examines the education, training and communications initiatives undertaken by the three agencies the committee oversees: the newly created Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner, the Victorian Ombudsman and the Victorian Inspectorate.


22 Nov 2017

The Australian Public Service Gender Equality Strategy has started an important conversation about the nature of equality, how it is achieved, and the opportunities and challenges it represents.


23 Jun 2017

Leaving the EU is one of the most intricate and transformative challenges that the UK has ever confronted. Brexit has significant implications for the British civil service and its capability to deliver on the government’s 12 priorities for Brexit.


22 Apr 2016

This strategy sets out actions for driving high performance and boosting productivity in the Australian Public Service (APS).


22 Oct 2015

This thesis is an exploratory study of the experiences of policy makers and expert policy advisors of Pacific ethnicity on the attitudes and environmental conditions that contribute to the framing of Pacific peoples’ economic wellbeing in government policies. Statistics and government reports indicate that low...



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