1 Dec 2018

Niue is a small, remote, upraised island with limited reef development and no lagoon system. The eastern and southern coasts are exposed to swells driven by southeasterly trade winds, resulting in limited reef extension along these coasts. There is a marginally greater extension of reef...

Discussion paper

9 May 2018

Fisheries New Zealand is seeking your feedback on proposed amendments to regulations to support digital monitoring and innovative trawl technologies in the commercial fishing sector.

Policy report

Fisheries project
4 Dec 2017

This report addresses the issue of depletion of recreational fishing stocks in New Zealand.


2 Dec 2013

Traditional and community-based marine resource management practices can enhance the effectiveness of contemporary environmental management models. These traditional management practices, which are based on knowledge of natural and cultural systems in specific areas, provide useful lessons from which contemporary resource managers can learn about the...


20 May 2013

This thesis examines methodological issues in the analysis of fishbone assemblages from the Pacific. A review of the literature on Pacific fishing raises questions about methodology in Pacific fishbone analysis. Recent work in Pacific fishbone analysis at the Otago Archaeology Laboratory and other international laboratories...

Other text

12 Feb 2013

1.1 Research OrientationDuring the course of archaeological fieldwork conducted late in 1978, 425 artifacts relating to fishhook manufacture were recovered from site 38 on Moloka'i Island in the Hawaiian chain. Fishhook manufacturing artifacts include Porities sp coral and echinoid urchin spine abraders, basalt flakes, bone...



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