Tropical cyclones

Journal article

17 Jul 2018

There would be little disagreement over the media’s crucial role in reporting extreme weather events and natural hazards, which have become more commonplace in Pacific Island Countries (PICs). However, for various reasons explored in this article, the media have generally failed to satisfactorily cover the...


1 Jan 2014

The purpose of this research is to better characterise the specific behaviour of Tropical Cyclones (TCs) in the Southwest Pacific ocean basin in response to a number of key global and regional teleconnection patterns. While there have been many TC studies in other basins, there...


1 Jan 2010

Over the last two decades Samoa has suffered major damage from two cyclones in 1990-91, minor damage from a third cyclone in 2004, and an earthquake tsunami in 2009. Changes in the scale and impact of these types of natural disasters are likely to be...



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