Flinders Journal of Law Reform


The Flinders Journal of Law Reform is a refereed, scholarly journal with a national and international outlook. It seeks to disseminate information and views on matters relating to law reform, including developments in case and statute law, as well as proposals for law reform, be they from formal law reform bodies or from other institutions or individuals. The Journal publishes articles, case and legislation notes and comments and reviews of books on law reform-related themes. It is published twice a year and the two issues per year constitute a volume of the Journal.

Journal article

30 Jun 2003

Focussing on young people and the private rental housing market, this research documents the critical role of significant adults in young people’s transition to independent housing.

Journal article

15 Jun 2003

This paper introduces a project that is intended to provide information on the supply side of this sub-market through an analysis of investors and of returns in the private rental housing market in South Australia.