Statutory authorities


13 Mar 2019

The Northern Territory government has released this six-month review of the Territory’s workplace regulator, NT WorkSafe. The review examined present policies, procedures and activities, and considers how best practices can be implemented to support staff and the industry.


15 Feb 2019

Would a Health Reform Commission give a Labor government the cover it needs to deal with powerful interest groups? Jennifer Doggett takes a look.

Discussion paper

Managing the latent financial and governance risks
1 Feb 2019

This paper argues that while some public authorities are responding in a sophisticated way to climate risk, changes are needed to support wider adoption of best-practice approaches. The authors makes four recommendations that could help boards and directors to better manage climate risks.

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21 Dec 2018

An audit written by Ernst and Young (EY) found the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder, and the near $3.2 billion worth of water it controls, was at risk of being defrauded by state agencies, individual officers within those agencies and private landholders. The Australia Institute has...


17 Dec 2018

The objective of this audit was to assess the effectiveness of the Clean Energy Regulator’s administration of the Renewable Energy Target scheme.


29 Nov 2018

This report recommends that the Australian government support the recommendation of the Productivity Commission to separate the Murray Darling Basin Authority into two entities: the Murray-Darling Basin Corporation, and the Basin Plan Regulator, with the regulator established as a new statutory independent authority.


3 Oct 2018

The former managing director of Goulburn Murray Water claimed - and the former chair approved - reimbursement to which he was not entitled for items including household furniture and alcohol, the Victorian Ombudsman has found.


4 Sep 2018

This report explores the debate over how to strike an appropriate balance between police responsibility for managing the conduct of their members and an external agency’s oversight and investigation of complaints about police.


30 Aug 2018

In April 2018, Winston Peters appointed senior Australian racing expert, John Messara, to review the New Zealand racing industry’s governance structures, and provide recommendations on future directions for the industry. This report is the result of that inquiry.


Toitū te whenua
23 Aug 2018

This review calls for Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) to expanding its current roles and responsibilities in issues that affect the country, such as the safeguarding of national assets, the management of the Crown Estate, disaster recovery and urban development.


26 Jul 2018

This report provides an overview of the corruption risks associated with public regulatory authorities in Victoria. It explores the causes of these risks, the factors that drive corruption risks in these authorities, and potential prevention, reporting and detection measures.


26 Jul 2018

The key purpose of this interim report is to provide a detailed account of the many submissions received, and to identify common themes and issues raised. The committee recommends that this inquiry be referred to the appropriate committee in the next Parliament for full investigation....


25 Jul 2018

This casebook includes thirteen summaries of matters dealt with by the Victorian Ombudsman's Early Resolution Team, grouped under five themes - ‘Quick fix’, ‘Encouraging dialogue’, ‘Applying discretion’, ‘Influencing policy’ and ‘Resolving systemic issues informally’.


28 Jun 2018

This audit assessed the effectiveness of the EPA’s regulatory response to water pollution in drinking water catchments and illegal solid waste disposal.


Introduction Bill
19 Jun 2018

The Family Violence Bill 2018 in Victoria, Australia creates a new statutory authority enshrined in legislation, Respect Victoria, which will work to address gender inequality as a root cause of family violence.

The new prevention organisation, will work to change the attitudes, social norms...

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15 Jun 2018

The government is consulting on a proposal to introduce an Electronic Travel Authority facility for some groups of travellers. It is a new security and facilitation measure that, if it is introduced, will help to speed things up at the border.


6 Jun 2018

The New Zealand government has received a report outlining the need for a wide range of reforms to speed up the resolution of outstanding Eathquake Commission (EQC) claims. The report reveals sizeable issues with staffing levels, data quality, record keeping and organisational culture and structure...


31 May 2018

The Climate Change Authority has released this report on its review of the National Wind Farm Commissioner. At the time the National Wind Farm Commissioner was established, the federal government said it would review the role in 2018. This review responds to that undertaking.


11 May 2018

The ANAO chose to undertake this audit because effective personnel security arrangements underpin the protection of the Australian government’s people, information and assets, and the previous audit had identified deficiencies in the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency's performance.


24 Apr 2018

The lack of clarity about the nature and scale of the challenges faced in the freight sector is why this report's key recommendation is for the Commonwealth to establish an independent statutory body, with the mandate, structure and resources to close the data gap.



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