Communication, Politics & Culture

Communication, Politics & Culture (CPC) is a highly ranked interdisciplinary journal. Formerly known as Southern Review, it has maintained an intellectual profile and international reputation for excellence in publishing rigorously double-blind peer reviewed articles for more than 50 years.

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11 Oct 2014

This article reports empirical findings from a custom database of tweets around CSG issues and theorises the politics of knowledge at stake in this challenge to stateappointed expertise.

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25 Jul 2013

This article draws from recent work by the authors on high-speed broadband and Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN) to critically engage with and extend theories of media ecologies. The argument of this paper is that the media ecology approach is a valuable framework for making...

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30 Jun 2013

This article reports on the integration of Twitter messages into the live television broadcast of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC) weekly public affairs discussion program, Q & A . The program first went to air in May 2008; Twitter integration began two years later. Twitter...

Journal article

1 Jan 2010

Regional public spheres have undergone a long crisis that predates current anxieties about the 'future of journalism'. Using the example of Townsville, North Queensland, it can be suggested that the decline of mainstream news media has not necessarily been accompanied by the uptake of tools...