Griffith Review

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19 Jan 2016


Aboriginal affairs – once the subject of Australian innovation in policy and law reform attended to by the routine scrutiny of an informed and inquisitive Fourth Estate – are no more. Gone is the sophisticated knowledge of the William Stanner, Barrie Dexter...

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1 Jan 2012

ON A HOT October night under a blanket of stars twelve Aboriginal girls strut down a raised catwalk in Broome, vying to claim the title of Kimberley Girl. Behind them a big 'KG' sign flashes, and they move to the beat of Lady Gaga...

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8 May 2009

Something is missing from the debates about teaching history in Australian schools, even though their explosive, raw and at times distinctly personal quality must surely be a good sign.

If we are not prepared to shout and bang on tables over history and kids,...