Building Services Engineering Research & Technology

Building Services Engineering Research & Technology is one of the foremost, international peer-reviewed journals that publishes the highest quality original research relevant to today’s Built Environment. 

Published in conjunction with CIBSE, this impressive journal reports on the latest research, providing you with an invaluable guide to recent developments in the field.

BSER&T covers the full range of energy and environmental services in buildings, including:



Air conditioning 


Building electrical services

Building acoustics 

Water supply and sanitation 

Distribution and supply of air and water 

Vertical transport 

Buildings integrated renewables 

Ground source energy 

Building systems related health, comfort and wellbeing 

Sustainable building systems 

Urban heat island 

Outstanding features of BSER&T:

All articles are peer reviewed 

International Advisory Board ensures the highest standards of quality 

Articles on ground-breaking research

Contains critical reviews of the latest literature in the field 

Based on high-quality articles 

Building Services Engineering

Research & Technology ensures the very latest information is presented throughout each issue

Based on high quality articles Building Services Engineering Research & Technology ensures the very latest information is presented throughout each issue.

This journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Journal article

8 Mar 2018


Internationally, buildings are a major contributor to carbon emissions. Despite significant advances in the technology and construction of energy-efficient buildings, in many cases a performance gap between designed and actual performance exists. While much research has investigated the drivers of the building...