mental health policy reform


4 Oct 2018

This report considers the status of Australia’s core national mental health and suicide prevention reforms, and their impact on the wellbeing of consumers and carers.


A framework and workforce plan for NSW Health services
27 Sep 2018

This document provides the overarching guidance for NSW Health strategic action over the next five years. Strategic actions aim to improve the mental health and wellbeing of people with lived experience of mental illness, the experience of care for their families, carers and supporters, and...


30 Aug 2018

The National Communications Charter (The Charter) is a unified approach to mental health and suicide prevention supports coordinated and consistent messaging around mental health and suicide prevention.


29 Aug 2018

This strategy document outline our work priorities and focus areas, and opportunities to work with our partners. The Key Directions will in turn inform our annual business plans and will be regularly refreshed as changes in the mental health and social support sectors occur, new...


1 May 2018

This report tries to tackle a set of complex issues with a pragmatic approach to the scale of the task of reforming Australia's mental health system.

Technical report

Final report: stakeholder identified gaps and solutions
30 Jan 2018

The gaps and solutions raised in this report should not be seen as a fundamental criticism of the NDIS or the NDIA, which is an important step forward in disability reform in Australia. Instead, they should be viewed as a way of adding national psychosocial...

Journal article

30 Nov 2017


Suicide prevention media campaigns are gaining traction as a means of combatting suicide. The current review set out to synthesize information about the effectiveness of these campaigns. We searched four electronic databases for studies that provided evidence on the effectiveness of media...


1 Jun 2017

This study's findings and the communications framework can be used to consider in more detail the development of a suicide prevention campaign aimed at family and friends of people at risk of suicide.


25 May 2016

This webinar examined the current “wheels in motion” of Commonwealth reform processes, and highlighted the implications for other service sectors.

Journal article

15 Apr 2016

The Autumn edition of new paradigm : the Australian Journal on Psychosocial Rehabilitation explores the key themes of the VICSERV Towards Recovery Conference: Hope, Innovation, Co-Design . This extract from new paradigm explores these themes in relation to reform of the mental health service system....


8 Oct 2015

Labor believes that long term mental health reform focused on delivering a more integrated, cross-sector and whole-of-government mental health care system must be a national priority but it requires national leadership.

A Shorten Labor Government will build on Labor’s strong legacy in mental health...


7 Jul 2015

The impacts of the 2015-16 Budget must be assessed in light of the previous Budget, which casts a long shadow.

ACOSS estimates that, combined, the two budgets strip approximately $15 billion / 4 years from basic services and supports that affect low and middle...


7 May 2015

Despite intense effort and increased investment in mental health service delivery in Australia there continues to be significant unmet need for mental health services. Left untreated, mental health problems can worsen, leading to significant negative impacts on every aspect of a person’s life.


15 Apr 2015

The Commonwealth Government tasked the National Mental Health Commission with conducting a national review of mental health programmes and services. The focus of the review was on assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of programmes and services in supporting individuals experiencing mental ill-health and their families...

Discussion paper

11 Dec 2014

There is currently no single overarching ‘health system’ in Australia. Rather, health care is a complex web of services, providers and structures. All levels of government—the Commonwealth, the States and Territories, and local government—share responsibility for health. They have different roles (funders, policy developers, regulators...


2 Oct 2014

The NSW Government endorses the Commission’s vision for a mental health system focused on community-based mental health support as outlined in Living Well, backed by an $115 million commitment to a suite of mental health programs and initiatives that will make it easier for people...

Journal article

12 Nov 2013


This paper explores the concept of collaborative care, particularly in relation to a range of new models of organisation and service that are emerging in response to one of the most problematic areas of public policy – mental health. These emerging models...


27 Nov 2012

This report examines how Australia as a nation supports the estimated 3.2 million Australians each year who live with a mental health difficulty, their families and support people.

Australia leads the world in progressive mental health policy , but it falls down...


14 Aug 2012

'Using policy to promote mental health and wellbeing: A guide for policy makers' is intended to encourage and enable policy makers in Victoria to systematically consider the social and environmental determinants of mental health when developing or reviewing policy. The guide introduces concepts in mental...


6 Dec 2010

The National Mental Health Strategy was endorsed by all Australian Health Ministers in 1992 and committed all governments to a reform process aimed at achieving major improvements in the quality and range of mental health services available to the community. Through various changes in government...



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