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18 Jul 2019

This guidance from the Department of Health & Social Care (UK) identifies the key principles of the code of conduct to enable the development and adoption of safe, ethical and effective data-driven health and care technologies.

Blog post

17 Jul 2019

The chief digital officer of NHS Digital discusses efforts to make NHS information more easily accessible in the digital age. The blog post also addresses concerns around patient data being shared with Amazon under an initiative to make verified healthcare data accessible via the Alexa...


15 Jul 2019

The purpose of this document is to provide an update on the development of government policy to:

establish guiding principles and a framework to help the NHS realise benefits for patients and the public where the NHS shares data with researchers establish a National...


15 Jul 2019

This guide has been prepared to help healthcare providers, commissioners, and designers ensure that services delivered digitally are as inclusive as possible, meeting the needs of all sections of the population.


8 Jul 2019

A fresh drive to improve patient safety across the NHS will see patients able to log concerns about their care via a new digital service accessible through their smartphone.


4 Jun 2019

In a report released last week, the independent health think tank Nuffield Trust stated that while current policy approach was useful in achieving wide spread digitization, national bodies often set “unrealistic timeframes” without understanding the supplier market or local NHS organisations.

Journal article

4 Jun 2019

This study aims to reconceptialize the provision of health care to produce better outcomes at no greater cost, by placing individuals in the position of authority to direct their own care, in a personalized, integrated health care system.


31 May 2019

Creating a digital NHS is a national policy priority. It promises to improve the quality of care, reduce duplication, drive efficiencies, empower patients and support joined-up services. This report has a number of suggestions for national bodies.


9 May 2019

Action and investment is needed across the system so the NHS has the right people with the right tools to interpret and create value from its data. This report highlights nine key reasons why there should be more investment in analytical capability.

Draft report

26 Mar 2019

The purpose of a global strategy on digital health is to promote healthy lives and wellbeing for everyone, everywhere, at all ages. This draft strategy sets out a vision, strategic objectives and a framework for action to advance digital health. It has been developed in...


11 Dec 2018

The interactive data visualisations in this web report allow for comparison of the most recent data from 36 Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) member countries, across a range of health and health care indicators, with a focus on Australia’s international performance.

Journal article

13 Nov 2018


Smartphone health applications (apps) are being increasingly used to assist patients in chronic disease self-management. The effects of such apps on patient outcomes are uncertain, as are design features that maximise usability and efficacy, and the best methods for evaluating app quality...


1 Mar 2017

This report explores how Australia’s health system could be improved through strategically using these big data sets to find new treatments, improve diagnoses, drive down costs and improve health outcomes.


3 Dec 2015

The Estonian eHealth Strategic Development Plan 2020 is part of the activity plan of the Government of the Republic 2014– 2015. It focuses on particular eHealth specific choices and activities the realisation of which is feasible between 2015-2020.



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