Australian Educational Researcher

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9 Nov 2013

Achieving equitable schooling outcomes for young people living in communities of low socio-economic status is a prominent issue that assumes focus in educational policy, theory and practice both in Australia and internationally. This paper draws upon the narratives of five secondary school students living in...

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25 Jan 2012

This paper reports on the structural changes implemented by a South Australian primary school in its class organisation, staff roles and curriculum. The effects of government funding and neoliberal education policy on these reforms are considered.

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24 Jan 2012

This journal article suggests that more effective solutions to student marginalisation may be found by engaging with the students in the margins that they occupy.

For marginalised secondary school students, mainstream education may no longer appear to be an inviting place. While proposed solutions...

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9 Jan 2012

In recent years the educational policy environment has emphasised data-driven change. This has increased the expectation for school personnel to use statistical information to inform their programs and to improve teaching practices. Such data include system reports of student achievement tests and socio-economic profiles provided...

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29 Dec 2011

This article reports on a major action research program that experimented with the use of cross-age peer teaching in schools to assist teachers to manage conflict issues in their classrooms, and to re-engage disaffected students in learning.

The research, which was conducted in a...

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30 Sep 2011

The field of Australian higher education has changed, is changing and is about to change, repositioned in relation to other 'fields of power'. It is a sector now well defined by its institutional groupings and by their relative claims to selectivity and exclusivity, with every...

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4 Nov 2010

Investigating regional Australian students' aspirations and expectations for their future, this paper examines dominant discourses of further education and training which rural students perceive to be away from their current locations.

This paper investigates regional Australian students’ aspirations and expectations for their...

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1 Nov 2010

Globally, teaching has become more complex and more challenging over recent years, with new and increased demands being placed on teachers by students, their families, governments and wider society. Teachers work with more diverse communities in times characterised by volatility, uncertainty and moral ambiguity. Societal,...

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17 May 2010

This paper discusses an initial analysis of the form of Australian postgraduate scholarship over the last four decades in relation to curriculum inquiry.

The study forms part of an ARC funded project on the shifts and emphases of Australian curriculum policy from 1975 to...

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17 May 2010

This paper is concerned with the definition of the field of educational research and the changing and developing role of the Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) in representing and constituting this field.

The evidence for the argument is derived from AARE Presidential...

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10 May 2010

In this project upper primary school students were surveyed about their general liking for school, and reasons for going to school. Their parents were asked to respond on a questionnaire indicating their restrictiveness and also support for their child’s autonomy.

Data were collected from...

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4 Sep 2009

This paper discusses research examining the attitudes and behaviours of researching women in academia and considers the effect of these factors on successful researching outcomes.

The results of this exploratory research highlight in particular, a number of interesting environmental influencers which contribute to enhancing...

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4 Sep 2009

This article examines a Victorian high school's implementation of a new Year 9 program which was intended to interrupt a traditional academic curriculum and to create an imagined oasis of care and personal development for students.

It explores ways in which:

(1) the...

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10 Aug 2009

Utilising Pierre Bourdieu's formula for studying social practice, this study explored the construction of technological expertise amongst a heterogenous group of New Zealand teenagers.

The qualitative study employed observations and interviews with five boys and three girls aged 13 – 17, who considered themselves...


3 Aug 2009

This article argues that public education needs to be reclaimed to fulfill its role as a 'democratising force' to address social and economic inequality and to respect and recognise diversity and difference.

By analysing historical developments in federal policy, funding and economic contexts a...

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3 Aug 2009

The move to a market model of schooling has seen a radical restructuring of the ways schooling is 'done' in recent times in Western countries. Although there has been a great deal of work to examine the effects of a market model on local school...