Indigenous knowledge


8 Jan 2020

Professor Lynette Russell, director of the Monash Indigenous Studies Centre, says the Indigenous practice of cultural burning has traditionally been used as a way of rejuvenating and nurturing the land.


7 Jan 2020

A commentary on Aboriginal people's vital roles in the firefighting effort in the NSW bushfire crisis.

Working paper

20 Dec 2019

This paper reviews the instruments and other measures relevant to supporting the protection of Indigenous Knowledge (IK) in Australia, with the intention of identifying ways to estimate the market value attributable to IK.


20 Dec 2019

Advocate for Children and Young People (ACYP) has released the report ‘What Aboriginal children and young people have to say’ which is based on the views and experiences of 2,800 Aboriginal children and young people.


29 Nov 2019

This article explores how western science has a lot to learn from Indigenous knowledges, to provide explanations and solutions to major issues our modern world is currently facing.


19 Nov 2019

As climate change makes bushfires more ferocious and extreme, now is the time to better understand how our First Peoples used fire.


7 Nov 2019

This article explores Aboriginal Australia's holistic focus of maintaining environment while maintaining a thriving economy, and how policy and practice could benefit from this more sustainable approach.

Journal article

15 Oct 2019

Little research has sought to identify the potential psychological benefits that may derive from language reclamation. The main purpose of the Barngarla Language and Wellbeing Study is to assess the effectiveness of language revival in improving the mental health and social and emotional wellbeing of...


1 Sep 2019

The Uti Kulintjaku Watiku (Men’s) Project is an innovative, Anangu-led initiative to develop community capacity and resilience and prevent family violence. A developmental evaluation approach, has been built into the Uti Kulintjaku Watiku Project from the beginning. This report presents findings from the evaluation.


29 Aug 2019

The Aboriginal Health Council of Western Australia (AHCWA) provided a submission to the WA Department of Health’s Climate Health Inquiry.


27 Aug 2019

IP Australia is looking at ways the intellectual property system can better support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to protect and benefit from their Indigenous knowledge. This report provides a summary record of the feedback received through recent roundtables, written submissions, and an online...


1 Jun 2019

The purpose of this pilot project is to seek out young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are currently or hope to be involved in the native title sector.


1 Apr 2019

This submission investigates how engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples should be undertaken in relation to the intellectual property system to ensure the protection of Indigenous knowledge.


4 Mar 2019

This strategic plan informs and guides The NPY Women's Council's priorities, actions and operational planning for the next five years.


1 Jan 2019

Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance Northern Territory (AMSANT)'s submission in response to the NT Government Economic and Environment Policy Climate Change Discussion Paper (Discussion Paper) and the call for broader consultation to inform the development of the Northern Territory’s Climate Change Strategy.

Journal article

9 Nov 2018

This paper explores the lives of three New South Wales Aboriginal women, mothers, artists and academics.


Co-managing parks in South Australia
1 May 2018

This publication explores land management in South Australian regions that brings together traditional Aboriginal beliefs and contemporary Western perspectives on the importance of looking after land.


Knowledge exchange, co-design and community-based participatory research and evaluation in Aboriginal communities
1 Jan 2018

The main aim of this report is to give practical advice to communities, governments and researchers to codesign evaluation and community based participatory research (CBPR) in Aboriginal contexts.

Audio interview

1 Feb 2016

In conversation with the ABC's Richard Fidler, Bruce Pascoe talks about whether Australia's first people were really 'hunter-gatherers'. Drawing from the accounts of early explorers, Pascoe's book Dark Emu presents a radically different picture of Australia's original inhabitants, and how they maintained their culture over...

Conference paper

15 Apr 2014

The history and contemporary practice of land-use planning and place-making by Indigenous Australians is poorly understood by academics, students and practitioners in the field of urban and regional planning in Australia. This is despite recent high-profile events which have increased the profile of Indigenous peoples’...



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