Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone logged in to their free APO account can click on ‘report broken link’ underneath the sharing buttons on the left hand side of the resource page. When we receive this notification our editors will do their best to restore the broken link and will let you know when they have done so. 

Why am I having trouble logging into my APO account?

A common mistake is users try to log into their account with their email address. Please ensure you are using your Username.

Tip: change your username to your email address and you'll never have that problem again!

Every resource landing page has links to the author’s and publishing organisation’s profile page – just click on their name. The profile page has all the resources on APO from that author or organisation, and often includes a link to the organisation’s website or the author’s ORCID. 

I’d prefer to visit the organisation’s website. Why don’t you link to that? 

The organisation’s profile page (see above) often will have a link to their website. So click on the organisation’s name to find it. 

There are a lot of benefits to viewing a resource on APO including: links to authors, publishers, subjects, and geographic regions to access similar content; buttons to share the resource via Twitter, LinkedIn, or email; and the More Like This carousel (on the right hand side) showing you similar resources on APO. 

And if you have signed up for a free APO account and are logged in you can also report a broken link, add resources to your favourites, and download an EndNote or RIS citation. 

How do I  change my author or organisation profile page?

Author and organisations profile pages include all their resources on APO. Profile pages are not linked to individual APO accounts. 

Anyone  can add a  published resource that will then appear on the relevant author and organisation profile pages. 

How do I forward the newsletter to a friend without the blue background?

You can forward any of our free newsletters to a friend or colleague and avoid the blue background by going to the bottom of the newsletter and finding the envelope icon. Click on ‘Forward to a Friend’, fill in the form and you're done.

Another way to share a resource on APO is to click on the link to the resource in the newsletter and then you will be able to use the Twitter, LinkedIn or email buttons to share it that way. 

The newsletters are too frequent. How can I access the content that I want?

We provide our generalist newsletters for free. If the twice-weekly Policy Pulse is too frequent, you can update your subscription to the Policy Weekly (just go to the bottom of any newsletter to find the link). 

Alternatively, you can access content tailored to your needs by joining My APO+. There are seven fortnightly subject-based newsletters to choose from. You can also set up as many Saved Search alerts as you like, which will tell you when a new resource has been added to APO that meets your search criteria. 

The newsletters are not long enough. How can I get more content? 

Subscribe to the Policy Pulse. This newsletter is sent out twice a week and includes almost everything that has been added to APO in the last few days. (Go to the 'update subscription preferences' at the bottom of any newsletter).

How can I access New Zealand content? 

You can have all the New Zealand content sent to you each fortnight in the My APO+ New Zealand newsletter. Alternatively, you can browse the New Zealand Governance and Policy Collection for free. 

If you think we are missing something, you can add the publication to APO or contact our editors if we are missing an organisation. 

Why don’t you have more content that I want to see? 

APO curates material published by organisations so often our content depends on what organisations are producing. If you think we are missing something, you can add the publication to APO or contact our editors if we are missing an organisation. 

I’ve just uploaded a resource or classified. Why can’t I see it? 

All resources and classified advertisements added to APO are moderated by our editors. Please give us up to two working days to do this. All classifieds and resources will appear on your My APO dashboard when published. 

Why ‘resource’ and not ‘report’?

That’s because APO includes more than just reports and documents. We collect podcasts, videos, datasets, surveys, open access books, infographics, and fact sheets. The only requirement is that it has been published by an organisation and meets our content policy

I know APO is a free, open access public good without a guaranteed source of funding. How can I help secure APO's future? 

Thanks! You can help in one of the following ways.

  • Join My APO+  (it’s a tax deductible work expense)
  • Ask your organisation to sponsor APO
  • Donate to APO – a regular monthly donation is ideal (donations of $2 or more are tax deductible)
  • Spread the word! The more people that subscribe to our newsletters and use our free repository the greater chance we have of becoming self-sustainable.
    Just please don’t share the link directly to the resource – if you share the simple url ( we can determine how many people are using our free service. 

None of this has answered my question. What now? 

No worries. You can contact us by emailing