APO Projects

Our experience in developing tools and infrastructure for policy research and practice includes working collaboratively with government, universities, NGOs and the private sector to develop innovative tools and web services that provide real-world impact in society and with industry.

Linked Semantic Platforms Infrastructure Project

Australian Research Council

APO, together with Swinburne University, are leading the Linked Semantic Platforms Research Project and a consortium of Australian universities and industry partners. The project is developing innovative tools to support interdisciplinary research on critical public policy issues.  

Policy Database

The Policy Database is an ongoing partnership between APO and Informit. APO provides the Policy Database to help Informit’s education, government and corporate customers discover hard-to-find policy content quickly and easily, while APO benefits by expanding our policy reach through Informit’s well-established Australasian network. 

BuiltBetter Knowledge Hub

CRC for Low Carbon Living
The BuiltBetter Knowledge Hub is a tool that helps practitioners make better policy and practice decisions in the built environment and helps researchers engage with practitioners to have impact. APO developed and managed the knowledge hub in collaboration with Swinburne University and the Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living.

‘How-To-Hub’ for Sustainable Building Policy

Global Buildings Performance Network (GBPN)
The 'How-To-Hub' for Sustainable Building Policy provides an easy way for municipal policymakers to navigate, analyse and prioritise a broad range of online resources on building efficiency. APO built and manages the knowledge hub in collaboration with the Global Buildings Performance Network (GBPN), directed by Associate Professor Peter Graham of Monash University.

Virtual Hub for Climate Change Innovation

Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (Victoria)
The Virtual Hub for Climate Change Innovation (VHCCI) has been developed to support climate change innovators as part of the Victoria State Government’s Virtual Centre for Climate Change Innovation (VCCCI) initiative. APO developed the knowledge hub in collaboration with Swinburne University’s Centre for Design Innovation (CDI). 

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