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Advertise your events, courses, jobs, calls & notices with us. 

We offer:

  • Classified ads
  • Banner ads 
  • Block ads

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Classified ads

You can upload your own classified listings via your My APO dashboard. You will need to Join APO and Log in to do this. 


  • Events, Jobs & Courses: $110
  • Calls & Notices: FREE

Purchasing classifieds: Immediate payment is required for events, courses and jobs (calls & notices are free). Once you have entered the information for your classified ad, Save your ad and proceed to checkout. You will have the option of paying via PayPal or Credit Card. If you are unable to make immediate payment via these methods, please contact

A classified ad listing will appear on the APO website up until the commencement date or deadline. It will also be listed in an APO newsletter. 

Website listing

Newsletter listing

Banner ads

Banner ads appear in the APO Daily, Weekly or New Zealand newsletters. 

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Newsletter banner ad

APO Banner ad

Block ads

We offer rotating block advertising on the APO website. 

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Media Partnerships


We welcome partnership opportunities with aligned businesses and organisations in the public policy space.

APO can offer the following channels for advertising and promotion:

  • Daily and weekly newsletters sent to more than 21,000 of our members, that feature public policy updates, events, courses, jobs and more.
  • Social media channels with more than 7,000 followers across multiple media, including Facebook, Twitter, blogs and YouTube.
  • Website advertising - our website has over 2 million page views, 3,845 registered members, 5,655 authors, and 1,276 publishers. 

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