The way we watch: maximising multi-channel pay-back

17 Jul 2008

What do broadcasters need to do to protect and reinforce their position in the value chain? Today, existing and to-be players are weighing the costs and benefits of investing significant dollars into new digital channels distributed over old fashioned broadcast networks. For all the hype about high definition, the fact is that this still linear distribution that may soon be out-dated. Surely pumping money into on-demand content delivered by broadband is a better bet?

The truth is that despite audiences fragmenting across a growing number of channels (free-to-air and pay), linear commercial broadcasting still generates the majority of advertising revenue in Australia.

Deloitte sees investment in new linear channels as both a necessary defensive tactic for broadcasters and, if done properly, a positive positioning move:

? as a defensive tactic, multi-channelling increases a broadcaster?s ability to retain share of total viewers as the audience fragments
? as a positioning tactic, multi-channelling provides an opportunity to establish digital identities, more loyal audiences and more sophisticated advertising capabilities.

The way we watch analyses the opportunity for digital multi-channels and internet-based distribution platforms to allow broadcasters to blend mass audience reach with a deeper understanding of the multiple niches that individual viewers occupy. It describes two distinct stages of anticipated evolution within the Australian television market: the development of multi-channelling, and the shift to internet based television. The Way We Watch identifies success factors for broadcasters at each stage, and offers suggestions on how to make multi-channelling investments support success in the internet based television future.

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