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Fact Check Analysis: Why the Coalition is misleading on meeting Australia's Kyoto 2020 carbon emissions target

Liberal Party of Australia Carbon emissions
The Morrison Government has long claimed Australia is on track to meet its international greenhouse gas emissions targets "in a canter". Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said the Coalition inherited an "abatement deficit" from Labor needed to hit Australia's 2020 target but it had turned that around by 1.1 billion tonnes. Or, as Energy Minister Angus Taylor put it: "[Labor] hadn't got to the point where we were going to meet Kyoto. We will reach Kyoto in a canter." On the surface, the notion that the Coalition has, unlike Labor, worked hard to reduce emissions might seem confusing. The Coalition scrapped Labor's carbon tax and has been a strong critic of state-based renewable energy targets while promoting coal as a key future energy source. And is it not the case that emissions have, since the carbon tax was repealed in July 2014, been generally rising year on year? The key to understanding the Coalition's claim involves a brief explanation of how the Department of Environment and Energy has calculated the emissions cuts needed to hit Australia's agreed target.
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