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Fact Check: Barnaby Joyce says the Nationals represent Australia's poorest electorates. Is he correct?

National Party of Australia Socioeconomic status

Former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce claims that the Greens ' followed by the Liberals, then Labor ' represent Australia's richest people, while the Nationals look after the poorest. But Mr Joyce's claim is overreach. Two data sets measuring the poverty line and disadvantage by federal electorate both show that electorates represented by the Nationals are on average worse off than those represented by the Labor and Liberal parties. However, this doesn't necessarily mean the Nationals represent "the poorest seats". The three worst off electorates on both of these measures, Fowler, Blaxland and Spence, are all represented by the Labor Party. And further analysis which estimates the worst off 5 per cent of electorates held by the Nationals, Labor and the Liberal Party shows the Nationals and Labor with similar results for poverty and disadvantage, making the picture less clear.
Verdict: Overreach

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