How to use APO


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  2. Choose from our newsletter options and click subscribe.
  3. Check your email and confirm your subscription.

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Add a Resource

By adding a resource to APO, authors, publishers and organisations can make their policy and research resources discoverable to thousands of policy and research professionals in Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

Every author and organisation receives a profile page with a list of their resources on APO.

Steps to add a resource:

  1. Sign up to APO if you are contributing for the first time.
  2. Log in and go to: Add a Resource.
  3. Enter in the required information and either upload the resource (APO's preference) or if you don't have a copy of the resource, enter the link (in the next tab). 
  4. Review and click save.
    Note: You can only fill in the resource form once. To make any changes after saving, email and an APO editor will edit the record for you.
  5. Your resource will then be moderated by an APO editor.
  6. You can view all your added resources on your My APO dashboard.

You will be advised by email when your resource is published. Please be patient, this can take up to 1-2 working days.

Read about resource contribution and moderation in APO's Content Policy.


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Using APO

APO makes policy and practice research and resources visible, discoverable and usable. We curate high quality content and our open access repository contains over 44,000 resources including specialist collections, grey literature reports, articles and data.

Anyone can use APO to:

Logged in users can:

  • Add a resource to APO
  • Bookmark favourite resources
  • Access your My APO dashboard to:
    • view your added resources
    • access your saved bookmarks
  • Report broken links (using the button at the bottom of the resource page).