With 38,000 resources, 4 million page views and more than 400,000 downloads per year, APO is an essential and trusted resource for the policy and research community.

We collaborate with individuals, organisations and collectives to provide better tools for policy research and practice. We work with partners from government, universities, industry and other organisations across Australia, New Zealand and beyond. Our services include curated collections, websites and newsletters, as well as impact metrics and advertising. We have the flexibility to offer packages tailored to your needs.

To discuss how to become an APO Partner, or any of the services we offer, please get in touch.

Curated Content

Policy issues move quickly, and it can sometimes be difficult to access the latest and most relevant research and analysis. To address this issue, we curate collections of policy and research resources to address key policy issues or questions. We help authors, publishers, researchers and organisations increase influence and impact by collecting, curating and communicating policy resources. Talk to us about a bespoke curated solution that suits your needs.


APO Collections curate up-to-date, relevant and dynamic resources on broad or focussed topics, geographic regions, discrete projects, conference series, organisational archives, and more. 

By sponsoring an APO Collection, organisations provide the research and policy community with easy access to the latest key resources in a specialist area – and benefit from joining a respected repository with an established audience and supported infrastructure. 

APO Collections allow organisations to build customised digital repositories at a fraction of the cost of creating their own website or repository. Our collections have the additional benefit of professional curation services and long-term information management and archiving. APO offers full text and data hosting, as well as classification and taxonomy services.

Collections can also be customised and combined with other services such as tailored websites, newsletters, impact metrics and advertising.


We can build and maintain tailored websites using existing content on APO and added functionality. Our websites are designed as specialised knowledge hubs to help researchers grow audiences for their publications, assist practitioners to make better policy and practice decisions, and support collaboration between researchers and practitioners to solve policy problems.


Newsletters are an ideal way to reach a target audience on a topic of your choosing. APO is a trusted source for policy updates. We provide over 16,000 subscribers with new release, weekly and specialist newsletters on key policy issues.

Customised newsletters are available for a collection, sponsored topics or a tailored website. These newsletters help keep subscribers up to date, drive traffic to collections, and highlight your organisation as a thought leader on specialist topics. Sponsored topics can be curated from content on APO, and can help raise the profile of organisations and individuals as thought leaders in an area of expertise, special interest or corporate social responsibility.

We can work with you to build your own mailing list or utilise APO’s existing subscriber base to promote your newsletter.



APO not only makes research and reports more accessible to a wider audience, we can also provide customised metrics dashboards and reporting to gauge organisation and author engagement and impact. As technology develops, so does the capacity to determine how evidence is informing policy and decision-making. APO is at the forefront of this technology, collaborating with our colleagues at Swinburne University of Technology to improve our cataloguing and search functions. We plan to extend this work to improve the accuracy of measuring policy impact.



APO provides an excellent opportunity to promote your organisation and reach our policy and research community. Our website generates over 1 million pageviews per year and our newsletters reach over 16,000 subscribers each week. 

Find out more about our advertising options.


Partner with us

APO champions evidence-informed decision-making and is the trusted source for the most recent research and analysis for policy. Becoming an APO Sponsor is a unique opportunity to support this valued public good. APO Sponors create impact, are thought leaders in policy and practice, and elevate their profile across many sectors.

APO Sponsors can benefit in a range of ways:

  • promotion across the APO platform and newsletters
  • priority invitations to participate in APO projects and events
  • discounted services such as collections, websites, newsletters, and more.

We invite organisations to become part of a consortium of APO Sponors providing financial and in-kind support for APO’s open access knowledge infrastructure for policy engagement and impact. To discuss how to become sponsor, or any of the services we offer, please get in touch.

Contact: Brigid van Wanrooy, APO Director

Document preservation and archiving

APO can help preserve your publications by digitising hard copies and minting a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for your digital copies. We can also archive a Collection of digital publications. 

A DOI provides a persistent link to its location on the Internet enabling citation and tracking of metrics. To be eligible, an author or publisher must be the copyright holder of a published, or soon-to-be published, resource and have the authority to grant APO permission to hold a full-text copy of the publication. This service is free on an ad-hoc basis for not-for-profits and publicly-funded research organisations such as universities in Australia and New Zealand.

APO holds one of the few non-destructible digitisers in the Southern Hemisphere that turns your hard copy document into a digital publication leaving your document intact. The document is then automatically preserved in the Internet Archive