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For workers supporting women's safety in Victoria
3 Dec 2018

The Lookout is a place where Victorian family violence workers and other professionals in universal and mainstream services can find information, evidence-based resources and services to help them respond to family violence.

The Lookout has been developed by the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria...


8 Sep 2017

Information sharing has been at the heart of the Troubled Families programme from the start, providing the intelligence local programmes need to identify families, understand their needs and demonstrate their progress. Local authorities depend on local public services providing access to their data and intelligence...

Journal article

1 Sep 2017

To enable society to better manage the risks and opportunities arising from changes in climate, engagement between the users and the providers of climate information needs to be much more effective and should better link climate information with decision-making.


23 Jun 2017

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Engagement Programme launch event was held at Five Ways House, Birmingham on the 27th March 2017. Delivered by the Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing (the Centre), the event marked the launch of a period of intensive...

Journal article

23 May 2017

Planning, building, and occupying a precinct, involves many stakeholders over significant periods of time. The development and evolution of the precinct is determined through decisions made by these stakeholders, jointly or singly, in response to perceived existing problems, or to satisfy anticipated future needs. The...


26 Apr 2017

This resource is intended to help digital archivists understand the priorities, techniques and culture of information technology so that they can be the most effective collaborators possible.

Journal article

1 Mar 2017

This article will review the history and features of PressForward, as well as describe the community partnerships that both utilize the software and influence the progress of the project.


13 Feb 2017

If like us you’re always hunting for useful resources on the effective use of evidence, then have a look at these reference documents. In recent years there has been a welcome increase in the publication of this guidance material and, as we receive loads of...


28 Sep 2016

Libraries have always been about preserving and giving access to information. In recent years, governments and others have made increasingly frequent statements stressing the contribution that allowing citizens to obtain and make use of knowledge on an equitable basis can make to a range of...



27 Apr 2016

Australia spends more than $30 billion a year on projects which produce 'grey literature' - documents which are produced by government departments, academic institutions, private companies and more. But despite all this effort, Australia lacks a standardised mechanism to curate and freely distribute grey literature....

Conference paper

9 Apr 2016

This paper discusses public policy and grey literature use and management and the work of Australian Policy Online in developing its open access document and data digital library.

Public policy and practice relies on a wide range of resources, including traditional scholarly publications, and...


7 Mar 2016

The National Library of Australia developed Trove into a world class digital collection of resources from all around Australia. It is admired by its counterparts in Europe and the USA, and yet budget cuts to the library are forcing them to reconsider what material they...


15 Oct 2015


In 2011, RIN worked with a number of partners, including IOP Publishing, to produce a study on how physical scientists find, use and disseminate information. This study used a qualitative approach – interviews and focus groups – to understand groups of researchers working...

Technical report

30 Jun 2015

Effective frameworks for communication can bridge gaps between research, clinical practice, and policy. The gambling sector in Australia comprises a number of stakeholder groups with diverse interests, objectives, and professional skills and resources. The diversity of the sector can present challenges in developing communication strategies...

Journal article

8 Apr 2015

International migration is a worldwide phenomenon. However, the process of immigrants' settlement is still considered an under-researched area from an information perspective. Navigating information throughout the settlement process is considered challenging but critical for immigrants. The uptake of information is deemed significant to both the...


10 Mar 2015

Growing and Developing Health Relationships (GDHR) is a long-standing project funded by the Western Australian Department of Health designed to support and assist Western Australian (WA) teachers, school nurses and schools to provide comprehensive relationships and sexual health education.

The GDHR Curriculum Support Materials...


4 Feb 2015

What works and at what cost? It’s a question commonly asked by funders, policy makers and practitioners, seeking to make the best use of available resources. To make informed decisions, a sensible first step is to look at what may be learned from past experience...


6 Dec 2014

Amanda Lawrence presentation on digital grey literature: the challenge and opportunity for the information sector, presented to the National Digital Forum 2014.

Journal article

4 Nov 2013

This article argues that digital guidelines can be easily updated with new evidence, continuously reviewed and widely disseminated.


31 Oct 2013

The Bond Evidence Principles and checklist are for assessing and improving the quality of evidence in evaluation reports, research reports and case studies.



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