Hosted by the University of Western Sydney's Urban Frontiers Program the first State of Australian Cities conference brought together academics, practitioners and policy makers to discuss the current issues facing Australian cities. Papers from all subsequent SOAC conferences can be found at the State of Australian Cities Conferences Collection on APO.

Conference paper

Environmental accounting: are there tools for living off the ecological interest and not the capital?

Since at least the 1960’s there has been a growing awareness that the whole of the human environment (its society and supporting ecosystems as well as its economy) needs to be better included in decision making. This awareness has not been restricted to a single...
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Geographies of household travel in Sydney

Studies of urban travel – where people travel to, how they get there, for what purpose and for how long – have become increasingly sophisticated in their recognition of the complexity of urban travel.
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Corporate restructuring, the new information technologies and spatial networks

The new small and medium sized businesses that are a by-product of this corporate restructuring use spatial networks instead of hierarchy (e.g. vertical and horizontal integration) to address agency problems and reduce transaction costs.
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Transitions at the rural/urban interface: “moving in”, “moving out” and “staying put”

The importance of periurban agriculture for a healthy city and the advantages of retaining agriculture are being increasingly recognised in rhetoric, but not in planning strategies, although the urbanisation of agriculturally productive land is of concern around many cities.
Conference paper

Democratising GIS: progress and prospects for Australian cities

One of the important trends in the governance of Australian cities in the last decade has been the diffusion of geographic information systems in local government. This paper explores the engagement of GIS with participatory and democratic styles of urban governance in theory and practice...