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Hosted by the University of Western Sydney's Urban Frontiers Program the first State of Australian Cities conference brought together academics, practitioners and policy makers to discuss the current issues facing Australian cities. Papers from all subsequent SOAC conferences can be found at the State of Australian Cities Conferences Collection on APO.

Conference paper

Urban futures

City governments are being called upon to meet ever-expanding and more complex expectations, without a corresponding open chequebook. This paper explores the complex question of how to evaluate local and city governance.
Conference paper

Housing costs and work locations in Sydney

This paper outlines the background and methodology of a study concerning the housing and work situations of low and moderate income 'key workers' in the health, transport, hospitality and finance sectors.
Conference paper

From the outside looking in – planning and land management in Sydney’s fringe

This paper explores the major issues arising in Sydney’s rural-urban fringe, particularly from the perspective of Sydney’s fringe from the outside looking in rather from the inside looking out.
Conference paper

Planning for vibrant town centres: case study of Lake Macquarie's Lifestyle 2020 program

Lake Macquarie is adjacent to Newcastle and is characterised by low-density suburbs and underdeveloped town centres. Through planning for higher densities the new urban strategy aims to make these towns vibrant commercial, cultural and employment nodes.
Conference paper

Information infrastructure and the connected city

This paper briefly reviews the relationship now between ICT and the cities, particularly in Australia, and surveys the role that communication and information infrastructure might now play in the future form and function of cities.