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Toward a holistic view on lean sustainable construction: a literature review

This article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of “how Lean helps achieve and maintain sustainability in construction sector”. The findings are structured into a holistic framework, which underlines a multidimensional approach toward sustainability, i.e., focus on stakeholders, across various construction phases, while simultaneously being...
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The international implications of national and local coordination on building energy codes: case studies in six cities

Building energy efficiency is an important strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions globally. In fact, 55 countries have included building energy efficiency in their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement. This research uses building energy code implementation in six cities across different continents...
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Developing and using a Five C framework for implementing environmental sustainability strategies

Limited literature exists on how insurance companies incorporate a focus on environmental sustainability into their core business strategy and practices. The article is intended to contribute to the implementation of corporate sustainability practices by presenting a framework or blueprint for insurance companies to follow which...
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Ambivalent urban sustainability transitions: Insights from Brisbane's building sector

Cities are suggested as being the key level for shifts towards more sustainable modes of production and consumption. The building sector with its significant carbon footprint plays an important role in urban climate change adaptation strategies. Using the case study of Brisbane (Australia), the paper...
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