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These competencies are built on the Core Competencies for 21st Century CARL Librarians (2010) which we have amended and adapted for the current Australian library and information context. Our aim is to outline the broad spectrum of organisational competencies that are needed in an academic research library workforce.

This document can be used to:

- understand the skill sets and capabilities of workers in the Library and Information (LIS) sector

- help current and new LIS practitioners to identify their professional and personal developmental priorities

- inform conversations on LIS organisational workforce capabilities needed to provide current and relevant services and resources.

At an organisational level, organisations may wish to ask themselves ‘what capabilities should our workforce possess or progress towards’ in order to respond to change and to offer new services or products of relevance to their clients or communities. An organisation may need most or all listed competencies within its workforce. It is important to note, however, that there is no expectation that each individual library and information professional will be an expert in all of the competencies listed. An individual will need to determine appropriate competencies for their current work, for likely future work, and to fulfil their career ambitions.

This document will be useful to identify knowledge, experience, skill, and attitudinal areas where there is potential for improvement through organisational, team and individual training and professional development.

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