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Sydney faces a shortage of burial space, with predictions indicating that cemetery capacity may be exhausted by 2050. Solutions are imperative as our population grows and ages. In a rapidly expanding city such as Sydney, there is no easy solution to this issue. Possible responses include the obvious, such as supplying additional burial land, but may include adopting sustainable burial practices to prolong a cemetery’s life. Recognising the challenges associated with providing additional cemetery land, the interment industry has begun to explore sustainable burial practices. This paper discusses renewable tenure for burial plots—the subsequent re-use of graves as a means of providing ongoing cemetery capacity. A series of in-depth interviews with cemetery operators and funeral directors reveals current operational uncertainties of renewable tenure and raises speculation of public knowledge and acceptance of this form of burial. Additionally, an online pilot survey facilitated through a social media platform has provided insights into the interment preferences and opinions on renewable interment rights of individuals aged of twenty and thirty and living in the Sydney metropolitan area

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