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Christine Steinmetz

Conference paper

Sydney's other housing crisis: the cemetery

Sydney faces a shortage of burial space, with predictions indicating that cemetery capacity may be exhausted by 2050. Solutions are imperative as our population grows and ages. In a rapidly expanding city such as Sydney, there is no easy solution to this issue. Possible responses...

Housing the dead: what happens when a city runs out of space?

Do you know where and how you want to be buried? Will you choose an elaborate Victorian-style headstone, or do you prefer a “green” burial, with only a GPS tracking signal indicating your location? Or you may elect to purchase a Bios Urn, a 100%...
Conference paper

The complexity of the sexual city: defining the sex industry premise

This paper considers a variety of definitions and classifications of sex industry premises within NSW. In order to regulate effectively in the future, policy makers need to define activities accurately to reduce ambiguity and minimise problems in a highly contentious industry.