Future Tense casta a critical eye over the idea that social media is leading to greater corporate transparency.

We live, in a sense, in a much more open world. We're forever being told by psychologists that we should talk about how we feel. Thanks to the internet, and social media tools, a great many of us now share details of our lives with others in a way which only a few years ago seems unimaginable.

Even as consumers, we're more inclined to use online tools to tell companies and organisations what we think of their services, or their pricing policies, for instance.

But is business also making the move toward a more transparent way of operating?

In the United States there's a growing body of opinion that says it is. And some analysts now even advocate what they call 'radical transparency'. That is, a business approach that involves making all major corporate decisions, and vast amounts of company details, online and available.

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