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Bruce Pascoe on the complex question of Aboriginal agriculture

In conversation with the ABC's Richard Fidler, Bruce Pascoe talks about whether Australia's first people were really 'hunter-gatherers'. Drawing from the accounts of early explorers, Pascoe's book Dark Emu presents a radically different picture of Australia's original inhabitants, and how they maintained their culture over...

Loneliness - a social pain

Loneliness is a growing issue around the world, and a recent national survey reveals that 1 in 4 Australians are lonely. Research also shows that loneliness can have a profound impact not just on our mental health but on our physical health as well. In...

2017 Boyer Lectures

Each year since 1959, the ABC has sparked national discussion about critical ideas with the Boyer Lectures.
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All Cbus property holdings to be carbon neutral by 2030

Australian business has been lamenting the Federal Government's inability to land a policy to bring down carbon emissions. But just days after Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed the National Energy Guarantee was dead, one of the country's biggest superannuation funds is taking matters into its...

2016 Boyer Lectures

The Boyer Lecture series, named after former ABC chairman Sir Richard Boyer, is a series of radio lectures from a prominent Australian invited to express their thoughts on major social, cultural, scientific or political issues. The 2016 Boyer Lectures by Professor Sir Michael Marmot is...