Damien Carrick

Damien is fascinated by the inner workings of our legal system and by how individuals grapple with its complexities as they strive to achieve 'justice'. Damien, a qualified lawyer, joined the ABC in 1996 as the producer of RN's Law Report. For most of 2000 he worked as a reporter in ABC Radio Current Affairs before becoming presenter of the Law Reportin January 2001. He has also worked as a legal writer for the Victorian Equal Opportunity Commission and written for Australian Lawyermagazine. Before his career in the media, Damien worked as a solicitor in various glass towers in Melbourne's CBD and was a long-time volunteer solicitor at his local community legal centre in St Kilda. Damien has a law/economics degree from Monash University and a post-graduate diploma in journalism from RMIT.
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Promoting indigenous economic empowerment

We have a long way to go in closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. The Federal government regards economic empowerment as a key way of raising indigenous living standards. And the Indigenous Procurement Policy (or IPP) is a central plank in promoting this...

Unintended consequences of women in prison

While women still only make up a small percentage of the overall prison population, their rate of imprisonment is rocketing.

Shameful statistics: black deaths in custody

The Coronial inquest into the death of Ms Dhu, a Yamatji woman from Western Australia is in its final stages. In 2014, the 22 year old was pronounced dead at the Hedland Health Campus, 45 hours after being taken into police custody for unpaid fines...

Direct democracy in NZ and Switzerland: lessons for Australia

Australians are referendum reluctant. Only eight out of forty-four constitutional referendums have succeeded. In Switzerland the population votes four times year, on about ten different direct democracy initiatives. New Zealand referenda are not as regular but this week our kiwi cousins are voting on whether...

Interpreters in the justice system

One in four Australians are born overseas and over a third have English as their second language. Interpreters are crucial in our justice system. Their jobs include interpreting interviews with police suspects, sometimes they attend court and may even accompany police on drug raids or...