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Thinking, speaking, being: Lowitja Institute conference targets Indigenous wellbeing

A major conference in Darwin will take place over the next few days as part of a wider push for Indigenous Australians to have greater control not only over their healthcare, but other services too.
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International refugee law experts release road map for asylum policy

International refugee law experts have laid out what they say are the solutions to Australia's refugee management — a non-partisan and fact-backed roadmap for asylum policy.
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State control of family court 'not good for family law or community', former Family Court justice says

Australian Law Reform Commission has recommended scrapping the national Family Court and handing control of family law back to the states and territories. Its report is the first into the crisis-ridden family law system since the Family Court was established in the 1970s.

World-first Australian website archive

The National Library of Australia has launched a searchable archive of websites allowing you to step back in time and access billions of these early sites. Included among them is a website from Prime Minister Howard and also the first versions of APO as Australian...
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Government commits $328 million to domestic violence

A massive funding package for domestic violence services is being promised by the federal government, with frontline services, safe places and prevention strategies to receive the biggest grants.