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This is the first output from an exciting new partnership between the Institute for Governance and the Museum of Australian Democracy (MOAD) at Old Parliament House.

This particular report provides a snapshot of the key findings of a survey conducted in February 2014, in which Ipsos asked a representative sample of Australians to consider various issues regarding Australian democracy and their role in making it work.

This is the first survey of Australian democracy that has asked citizens serious questions about their engagement in conventional and contemporary forms of participation. Other surveys have been obsessed with collecting time series data and asking consistent but conservative questions about the nature of participation rather than putting new questions to Australian citizens designed to identify emerging patterns of engagement in a digital age. If information is the life blood of politics then this survey gives us original data on how citizens get their information about politics. It explores what citizens like and dislike about Australian democracy, what kinds of political action they see as the most effective and what reforms would have the biggest impact. Crucially, it also provides us with a strong insight into what Australians think about the nature of the current politics on offer. This survey provides a real opportunity to explore what citizens want to see in the future and where they think change should be made. Our survey offers a sense of not only where we are but what Australian democracy might look like in the future.

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