Domestic arts tourism: connecting the country

Domestic arts tourism supports local jobs and economies, while enriching and connecting Australians through creative experiences This report draws on Tourism Research Australia data and other resources to provide insights into the behaviour of people travelling within Australia.

Co-designing a peer support platform for people with low vision and blindness

This report evaluates the design and development of a prototype Peer Support Platform that aimed to address the information, linkages and capacity (ILC) building needs of people with low vision and blindness.

Youth justice in Australia 2021-22

This report looks at young people who were under youth justice supervision in Australia during 2021–22 because of their involvement or alleged involvement in crime. It explores the key aspects of supervision, both in the community and in detention, as well as recent trends.

The big picture 3

The report provides an updated overview of trends in arts and culture expenditure by governments in Australia between the years of 2007–08 and 2020–21. The research draws on a new release of Australia’s most comprehensive dataset on this topic, the cultural funding by governments series.

Report of the Inquiry into the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s crisis management arrangements

This inquiry examined the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's role in facilitating the return of Australians who had been stranded overseas during the pandemic due to border closures and travel restrictions, based on a performance audit of this response by the Australian National Audit...
Policy report

Risky business: why millennials are afraid of entrepreneurship

This paper outlines the barriers to millennial entrepreneurship and proposes solutions for younger generations to undertake entrepreneurial activity.
Journal article

Outcomes contracting trailblazer shares knowledge before passing the baton

In part 1 of this Q&A article, Elyse Sainty, one of the most experienced SIB practitioners in the country, explains what SIBs are, reflects on the initial SIBs and explores why the various parties get involved.
Discussion paper

Major trends in university research income and expenditure

In this first of a series of discussion papers designed to help inform the Universities Accord process, the Innovative Research Universities has analysed 20 years of research income and expenditure data to identify key trends.

Not a one-stop shop: the NDIS in Australia’s social infrastructure

The NDIS was founded upon a three-tier system, with each tier providing a critical and unique contribution to the overall system of support and care for disabled people. The author of this report calls for increased investment in NDIS Tier 2 services.

In reverse: the wrong way to fuel savings and falling transport emissions

This paper outlines how the growth in the greenhouse gas emissions of Australia’s passenger vehicle fleet is one of the highest among the developed countries.

Super solution: how payday super will benefit women in retirement

Over the last 30 years, Australia has built a super system that now holds around $3.4 trillion in assets This report focuses on how fixing unpaid super will benefit women in retirement.

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman submission to the Commonwealth Department of the Treasury: consultation on ACCC's regulatory reform recommendations

In this submission to Treasury, the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman makes the case to lead world-first Ombudsman service for digital platform complaints.

Attitudes matter: the 2021 National Community Attitudes towards Violence against Women Survey (NCAS), findings for Australia

Other authors
Natalie Roberts, Nikki Honey, Kate Minter, Erin Carlisle
This report details the results from the 2021 National Community Attitudes towards Violence against Women Survey (NCAS). It presents findings for the Australian community as a whole and considers them in the context of related research.

National Disability Research Partnership: process evaluation report

Significant steps have been made in the establishment of the National Disability Research Partnership, an ambitious and complex undertaking. This independent evaluation of the NDRP Establishment Phase provides feedback on achievements and suggestions for the NDRP's development.

Tough gig: worker perspectives on the gig economy

This research project involved one of the largest ever surveys of transport workers in the gig economy in Australia. this report examines pay, conditions, safety and flexibility associated with this work.

Accountability or representation? Victorian bicameralism

This paper was presented as a lecture in the Department of the Senate Occasional Lecture Series at Parliament House. On 27 March the Victorian parliament passed legislation significantly reforming the upper house. Among other things, the Constitution (Parliamentary Reform) Bill 2003 reconstituted the Council to...

Homicide in Australia 2020–21

The National Homicide Monitoring Program is Australia’s only national data collection on homicide incidents, victims and offenders. This report describes the 210 homicide incidents recorded by Australian state and territory police between 1 July 2020 and 30 June 2021. During this 12-month period there were...
Working paper

Early pension withdrawal as stimulus

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Australian government allowed eligible individuals to withdraw up to $20,000 (around half median annual wage income), across two tranches, from their retirement accounts, ordinarily inaccessible until retirement. This paper examines the consequences for people's retirement savings.

Navigating AI: analysis and guidance on the use and adoption of AI

Other authors
Dean Grandy, Dhruw Joshi, Samantha Kwong, Paul Fitzgerald, Amanda Heather
This report provides a deepened understanding of the artificial intelligence (AI) regulatory landscape globally and within Australia, and the need to continue to progress a conversation around appropriate regulation.
Research Summary

Exposure and impact of sports and race betting advertising in Australia

This snapshot shows where and how often Australians are exposed to wagering advertising in the last 12 months. Wagering operators use a diverse and increasingly sophisticated range of advertising platforms and strategies to promote their services, including in traditional media and via online/interactive modes.
Research Summary

Community attitudes towards sports and race betting advertising in Australia

This summary outlines findings from research into community attitudes towards sports and race betting advertising.

Management of migration to Australia — Family Migration Program

The objective of this audit was to assess the effectiveness of the Department of Home Affairs' management of family-related visas.

The benefits of providing access to justice

Legal Aid commissions (LACs) are independent statutory bodies that deliver Legal Aid services. LACs are the main providers of legal assistance services in Australia and are responsible for nearly all the legal assistance representation services at courts and tribunals. This report estimates the economic benefit...

“It’s hell”: how inadequate income support is causing harm

The surging cost of living is having a devastating impact for people on income support, according to this report by ACOSS. Researchers surveyed 365 people living on JobSeeker, Youth Allowance and Parenting Payment over February and March 2023, finding income support payments are completely inadequate.

Cool, beautiful, strange and scary: the online experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and their parents and caregivers

This research report explores the online experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and considers the digital parenting practices of their parents and caregivers.