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Food waste in Australia and how supermarkets profit from it

This report explores reasons why some of the recommendations surrounding food waste minimisation are not be being achieved. A key factor appears that retailers have little incentive to reduce waste, for the simple reason that doing so would cost them money.

Climate of the nation 2023

This report finds that Australians want transparent, evidence-based climate action, and a government with the courage to implement policy that will drive genuine decarbonisation.
Discussion paper

The tip of the iceberg: measuring unemployment in Australia

The Reserve Bank of Australia’s decisions on interest rate increases rely on the concept of balancing inflation and unemployment. The authors of this paper argue that the official unemployment rate is based on strict and outdated definitions, and significantly underestimates the actual number of Australians...
Discussion paper

Money talks

The Australia-America economic relationship is one of the world’s most consequential relationships, worth over $2 trillion, yet few understand its depth and scale. This paper analyses the evolution of the Australia-America economic relationship, its significance, and concerns for the future.
Discussion paper

Principles for fair political finance reform

Constructive and non-partisan political finance reform could improve trust in politics and reduce the influence of vested interests. The author of this paper argues that if Australian political finance reform is done poorly, it could make elections less fair, and conceal, rather than expose, the...