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Falling short: Australia’s role in funding fairer climate action in a warming world

This report calls on the Australia government to increase its ambition on climate finance, emphasising progressive climate action as vital if Australia is to fulfil its duty as a wealthy country and major polluter. This includes supporting a Pacific Islands proposal for a standalone finance...

Woke up call: Australians’ attitudes to and perceptions of "wokeness"

The term 'woke' has its origins in African American vernacular, and has come to mean alert to racial injustice, or to social injustice more generally. With an eye towards testing another common political stereotype, the Australia Institute polled Australians to find out what they think...
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Fuelling efficiency

Fuel efficiency standards in Australia have been recommended by two separate government inquiries, committed to by multiple governments but never adopted, and recommended in multiple government reports stretching back over a decade. This paper argues that introducing fleet fuel efficiency standards would reduce transport emissions...
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Are wages or profits driving Australia’s inflation? An analysis of the National Accounts

The distributional consequences of record high profits and record low real wage growth have been widely discussed in Australia recently, but the data presented in this paper suggests that rising profits are now the major driver of inflation.
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The role of buy now pay later services in enhancing competition in the Australian economy

This paper examines the current status of consumer credit and the market for buy now, pay later (BNPL) credit products.