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The Australia Institute is one of the country’s most influential public policy think tanks. It conducts original research that contributes to a more just, sustainable and peaceful society. Based in Canberra, it conducts research on a broad range of economic, social, transparency and environmental issues in order to inform public debate and bring greater accountability to the democratic process.


Fairer futures: financing global climate solutions

This report outlines a detailed roadmap showing how the Australian government can play its part in easing the burden on the world’s poorest communities now facing climate-fuelled disasters.

Climate of the nation 2021

This report shows that concern about climate change is at record high levels, many Australians are experiencing the impacts of climate change right now, and there is broad support for a range of decarbonisation policies.
Briefing paper

Government not on track for net zero by 2050

This briefing note outlines the Morrison Government's policies that are incongruent with and work directly against a net zero by 2050 emissions target. This highlights the lack of intention and political will to support its achievement.
Discussion paper

We can work it out

In 2018 Germany set up a multi-stakeholder group, the German Coal Commission. Its mission was to deliver a plan for the phase out of coal-fired power and to meet Germany’s 2030 emission reduction target. The Commission was a mechanism to negotiate the policies to end...
Discussion paper

Talk isn’t cheap: making consultants’ reports publicly available via Senate order

The Australian government is spending dramatically more on contracts with consultancies than it did a few years ago. This paper argues that when the federal government does spend public money on consultancy reports and research, that advice should be published so it can be weighed...