Richard Denniss

Briefing paper

The macroeconomic impact of the NSW public sector pay cut

The NSW government plan to cut the pay of public servants and spend more money on capital works will likely lead to a reduction of 1,100 jobs, according to this analysis by the Australia Institute.
Discussion paper

Design principles for fiscal policy in a pandemic

This paper details key economic criteria to help assess the effectiveness of the future stimulus measures and structural support needed to recover from the COVID-19 economic crisis.
Discussion paper

The price of uncertainty: economic modelling and the National Energy Guarantee

Despite the historic inaccuracy of electricity demand and price forecasting, even in the absence of significant policy change, once again economic modelling is being used to make forecasts about the impact of changes in energy policy on the long run price of electricity in Australia.

Too much of a good thing? The macroeconomic case for slowing down the mining boom

The purpose of this paper is to consider a feature of the mining boom which has been barely considered in the Australian policy debate to date, namely, how fast should the mining construction boom be allowed to develop?

Rubbery figures: An examination of the claimed and likely cost of poker machine reform in Australia

Industry claims that poker machine reform will cost $5 billion can only be described as fanciful, with a new analysis by The Australia Institute showing that the cost is likely to be between $171 million and $342 million. The Institute’s Executive Director Dr Richard Denniss...