Matt Grudnoff


Profit-price inflation: theory, international evidence, and policy implications

This research confirms that corporate profits in Australia, despite recent moderation, remain well above historic norms, and must fall further in order to allow a rebuilding of real wages in Australia that have been badly damaged by recent inflation.
Discussion paper

Food waste in Australia and how supermarkets profit from it

This report explores reasons why some of the recommendations surrounding food waste minimisation are not be being achieved. A key factor appears that retailers have little incentive to reduce waste, for the simple reason that doing so would cost them money.
Briefing paper

Effect of news media bargaining code on journalism employment

The authors of this paper argue that in the absence of data from major Australian media participants, it is not possible to directly calculate how many additional journalists Australia has thanks to the mandatory bargaining code.
Discussion paper

Divided nation: the Stage 3 tax cuts broken down by city and country electorates

This research finds that the 20 electorates that will benefit the most from the Australian government's Stage 3 tax cuts are all classified as metropolitan, with 10 in Sydney, five in Melbourne, three in Brisbane, and one in Perth and Canberra. Of the 20 electorates...

In reverse: the wrong way to fuel savings and falling transport emissions

This paper outlines how the growth in the greenhouse gas emissions of Australia’s passenger vehicle fleet is one of the highest among the developed countries.