Matt Grudnoff

Discussion paper

Tasmanian design principles for fiscal policy in the pandemic

The Australia Institute has released this discussion paper looking at how key economic criteria can be used to assess the effectiveness of future stimulus measures in Tasmania.
Discussion paper

Design principles for fiscal policy in a pandemic

This paper details key economic criteria to help assess the effectiveness of the future stimulus measures and structural support needed to recover from the COVID-19 economic crisis.

Super expensive

Superannuation tax concessions were supposed to help Australians become less reliant on the age pension, but with the rapid increase in the concession they will soon to be more expensive than the age pension. This report argues that the cure has becoming worse than the...

Bracket creep vs stage 3 tax cuts

This analysis of the long term impacts of bracket creep shows that taxpayers are being over compensated for bracket creep at all income levels. The Morrison Government has used bracket creep as a key reason why it needs to implement its income tax cuts package...
Briefing paper

Gender distribution of the government’s 2019 tax plan

This research finds that the first stage of the Morrison Government’s tax plan will see men and women receive an almost even split of the tax cuts. But men will receive almost double the amount women do from the later stages of the government’s tax...
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