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The fiscal, economic, and public health dangers of water privatisation

Internationally, privately-owned water systems have resulted in higher bills, largely because of rising interest costs, debt and dividend payouts. This report, commissioned by the Australian Services Union NSW & ACT, analyses the fiscal, economic and public health effects of privatising Sydney Water.

The times they aren’t a-changin (enough)

This report examines the barriers to closing the gender gap by reviewing Australia’s position within the industrial countries of the OECD. The report also uses data from the ABS and the ATO to highlight gender disparities across all levels of income, ranges of occupation and...

Profit-price spiral: the truth behind Australia’s inflation

The focus in current anti-inflation policy on suppressing wage growth, enforcing a permanent reduction in real wages, while ignoring the role of record profits in driving post-pandemic inflation reflects an ahistorical and ideological approach to macroeconomic management, writes Jim Stanford.

Lost at sea: an assessment of the Productivity Commission’s report on container port productivity

This research challenges the methodology and conclusions of a recent Productivity Commission study of productivity in Australia’s container port system. The report suggests that the Commission’s exercise was ideologically motivated, and failed to properly interpret its own data.

Call me maybe (not): working overtime and a right to disconnect in Australia

A 'right to disconnect' could take several forms, and be implemented via different avenues in Australia. Based on international examples and the attitudes of workers in Australia, this report finds that implementing the right within the national employment standards would be the most effective.