National Mental Health Commission (Australia)

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Draft report

National stigma and discrimination reduction strategy: draft for consultation

The National Mental Health Commission is developing a national stigma and discrimination reduction strategy. This draft has been released to encourage feedback from a broad range of stakeholders.

Mental health discrimination in insurance

The PIAC’s Mental Health and Insurance Project has been tackling systemic problems in the way insurers design, price and offer policies and assess claims to the detriment of people with past or current mental health conditions. This report outlines the progress that has been made...

The national children’s mental health and wellbeing strategy

This strategy document uses four focus areas to outline the requirements for an effective system of care for children, and seeks to create a new, shared understanding of the roles of families, communities, services, and educators in promoting and supporting child mental health and wellbeing.

National mental health and wellbeing pandemic response plan

This plan sets out a direction to help navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic with the mental health of Australians intact, and with specific service responses for people who need them.

Monitoring mental health and suicide prevention reform: national report 2019

This report examines Australia’s mental health and suicide prevention system, including recommendations to improve outcomes. The National Mental Health Commission continues to recommend a whole-of-government approach to mental health and suicide prevention.