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City of Parramatta LGA (the City) is transforming. It is set to become Sydney’s “Central City”: a centre of services, infrastructure and employment for Western Sydney where more than half of Sydney’s population live. Given this context, the opportunity for the City to grow our Night Time Economy (NTE) to be more diverse, welcoming and vibrant, is now.

This document, City of Parramatta – A NTE Discussion Paper (Paper) proposes ideas to develop the City’s future NTE Strategy – a framework that will further encourage the City at night as a vibrant, diverse and welcoming space. The NTE will be driven and inspired by strong inter-industry partnerships, including the community, creatives, entrepreneurs, businesses, police, landowners, innovative investors and other government agencies. As the City continues to flourish, we must address negative perceptions of the local night time experience, encourage positive recognition of the significant steps forward in growing our City’s NTE, and continue to imagine and shape our future NTE.

This Paper comes amid a climate of rapid change for our City. As we welcome new residents and development, and an increasing number of visitors, so too do we welcome the potential for growing our vibrant NTE in our three key focus areas: Parramatta CBD, Harris Park and Epping. The way people think about the City has significant impact on its growth and development, including ultimately, its ability to evolve and respond flexibly to the changing environment, to be resilient. This is especially salient when considering the City at night.

If Council plans well for the City’s growing nightlife, we can increase feelings of safety, casual surveillance and tolerance, diversify the offerings to ensure it is welcoming for all people, increase economic productivity, have spaces for creative expression, attract visitors and encourage investment. Parramatta’s vision to become Sydney’s Central City starts with a conversation – with our stakeholders, businesses, our staff, our visitors, workers and residents – asking what do you want to see in your City’s future nightlife?

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