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This guide is written for those interested in developing and expanding the benefits that the evening and night time economy have created around the globe. It is written for mayors and their advisors, economic development professionals, tourism agencies, cultural bodies and night time professionals, including owners, operators, artists and managers. It is also meant for planners, licensing professionals, police, environmental health agencies, chambers of commerce, business improvement districts and cultural quarters.

We want to highlight existing best practices while championing diversity, information‑sharing and debate. We want to promote thought leaders and case studies, but at the same time leave it open for you to implement these ideas for your city, town or place.

Remember: a thriving evening and night time economy DOES NOT mean a bar or music venue on every corner. It means a regulated, planned and strategic offer that respects both those who want quiet and those who like to go out. Knowing what not to do is as important as what to do. Vibrant, sustainable and structured evening and night time economies create towns and cities for all ages, cultures, creeds and genders.

We have drawn from positive experiences in several cities around the world as well as our own experiences — good and bad — to create this guide to understanding and making the most of your evening and night time economy.

Let’s attract public and private investment and pave the way for new ventures and interventions that will make our cities, towns and regions safer, livelier and more vibrant during the night as well as during the day.

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