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The State of Australian Cities (SOAC) national conferences have been held biennially since 2003 to support interdisciplinary policy-related urban research. SOAC 6 was held in Sydney and hosted by the University of New South Waltes, Griffith University, the Australian National University and The University of Sydney.

All papers presented at the SOAC 2013 have been subject to a double blind refereeing process and have been reviewed by at least two referees. In particular, the review process assessed each paper in terms of its policy relevance and the contribution to the conceptual or empirical understanding of Australian cities.

Papers from all past and subsequent SOAC conferences can be found at the State of Australian Cities Conferences Collection on APO.


Conference paper

Tipped off: residential amenity and the changing distribution of household waste disposal in Melbourne

This paper explores how the geography of household putrescible waste disposal facilities (tips and landfills) has changed in Melbourne over the period 1966 to the present; and how this may relate to residential amenity.
Conference paper

Predictors of overall living satisfaction in medium density housing: results from a household survey

This paper presents some findings from a survey undertaken in medium-density apartment housing in Fairfield, Sydney between September-December 2012 as part of a Ph.D. thesis.
Conference paper

Towards a Resilient Sydney' - climate change adaptation planning for Sydney

This paper investigates the relationship between long term strategic land use planning and the future climate, specifically why strategic planning can contribute to a city’s climate change resilience.
Conference paper

Reinventing D'Jillong: current regeneration initiatives challenging the identity and place of Geelong

Regional city regeneration is increasingly becoming an important topic as towns attempt to position themselves mid-way between larger discourses about capital cities and peri-urban landscapes. This paper reflect whether these initiatives can assist the facilitation of city structural change, economic renewal and enhanced urban design...
Conference paper

Democratic infrastructure? Delivering affordable housing under Australia's social housing initiative

This paper examines how government strategies to deliver social housing in difficult economic climates impacted upon democratic planning in Australian Cities.