Alan March

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City governance and structure: SOAC 2021 conference track and abstracts

Dominant modes of decision-making regarding city form and function are not easily disrupted. Assumptions about the cultures of city life, the motives of powerful actors in shaping cities and city futures are embedded in socio-political discourses and may seem largely immutable. However, cities do change...
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Moving towards transformative strategic planning for car parking: Approaches in Perth and Melbourne

There is a need to re-examine car parking policies in Australian cities as the allocation of excessive or inappropriate forms of parking comes with significant opportunity costs. This includes inhibiting priority of active and sustainable transport modes and implementation of equitable spatial, housing and community...
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Urban planning's role in the development, transfer, and application of knowledge about bushfire risk management in Victoria

Internationally, there is increasing concern with developing improved ways of dealing with disasters (UNISDR, 2015). The development of policy and practices for the reduction of disaster risk is intimately related to knowledge about dynamic and spatially particular risks and relevant ways of managing these via...
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Disaster risk reduction and urban planning: a case of uneven mainstreaming?

The risks of disasters pose many ongoing challenges for settlements in Australia. This paper reports the findings of investigations into successful cases of mainstreaming in Australian disaster risk reduction.
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Urban design: an underutilized tool for disaster risk reduction?

This paper provides a framework for integration of urban design, based on core principles from both the urban design and disaster risk reduction fields of theory and practice, identified from relevant literature in these areas.