Stephen Dovers

Conference proceedings

Keynote papers: SOAC 2021 conference abstracts

SOAC 2021 and these conference keynote papers focused on urban and regional transitions in the COVID-recovery era to report and appraise the social, spatial, and economic consequences for equity, inclusion and justice.

Principles of effective policy reform: lessons for Australia's climate change policy impasse

This edited volume presents ten policy reform case studies - from regional forestry agreements to activity-based funding in Victorian hospitals - to identify critical factors that may be relevant to Australia's current climate policy impasse.
Conference paper

Disaster risk reduction and urban planning: a case of uneven mainstreaming?

The risks of disasters pose many ongoing challenges for settlements in Australia. This paper reports the findings of investigations into successful cases of mainstreaming in Australian disaster risk reduction.
Conference paper

Climate change and human settlements: methodology, case studies and issues arising

This paper presents selected findings of a completed project called “Integrated Assessment of Climate Change on Urban Settlements”.