Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia


Efficient, effective and fair climate policy: a discussion paper

This discussion paper addresses how to achieve any given target for greenhouse gas reduction in a way that causes least cost to the economy, promotes innovation and is fair. It makes the case that the efficiency properties of market mechanisms have an important role to...
Position paper

Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia 2019 election statement

The Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia calls on the next government of Australia to redouble its commitment to support the social science research which underpins policy development and the connection of research with policymakers.

Creative Australia: the arts and culture in Australian work and leisure

This paper addresses three aspects of creativity in Australian society:

The social sciences shape the nation

This volume seeks to provide a response to the question “Just what is it that the social sciences do?”
Conference paper

Social sciences: understanding policy impacts - background paper

Social science knowledge about human behavior and institutions underpins many of the notable advances in economic growth, technological innovation, health, education, good governance, and quality of life. This knowledge also helps us understand why public policy sometimes fails to improve our situation. Yet much of...