Jennifer Kent

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Keynote papers: SOAC 2021 conference abstracts

SOAC 2021 and these conference keynote papers focused on urban and regional transitions in the COVID-recovery era to report and appraise the social, spatial, and economic consequences for equity, inclusion and justice.
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Weight centrism in research on children’s active transport – time for a paradigm shift

This paper explains the concept of weight-centrism, including the science that questions the link between weight and disease. Using a review of 112 studies on children’s active school transport, it explores and problematises expressions of weight-centrism in urbanism research.
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Parenting in proximity to others: the importance of transitions, temporalities and trajectories.

To facilitate a transition that realises the health benefits associated with housing density, and minimises any harm from disruption, it is imperative to understand the experiences and identified barriers to higher density living, particularly for groups traditionally associated with lower density housing such as families...
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What types of evidence are available for translating health evidence into planning strategies for higher density living? A review of the literature

Despite abundant knowledge and research highlighting the significance of urban planning for improving health outcomes, there remains an absence of understanding of how health evidence can be translated into planning policy and practice, particularly for higher density urban development. This paper presents the findings of...
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Built environment interventions for human and planetary health: integrating health in climate change adaptation and mitigation

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Harriet Westcott
Built environment interventions must move beyond simple ecological sustainability to encouraging ways of life that are healthy for both humans and the planet. There are key challenges facing this new approach.