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With vaccinations being rolled out internationally, the world is looking to the COVID recovery phase, whilst simultaneously grappling with the ongoing impacts of climate change and the urgency of a post-carbon transition. Within this context questions of equitable just recoveries for Australasian cities are being debated, among ongoing social, economic and environmental transformations that are spatially and socially differentiated.

SOAC 2021 and these conference keynote papers focused on urban and regional transitions in the COVID-recovery era to report and appraise the social, spatial, and economic consequences for equity, inclusion and justice. The conference aims to connect these questions to urban practice and inform more robust policy and public discussions about the emerging new futures of Australasian cities and regions.

The State of Australasian Cities conference SOAC is the flagship event of the ACRN and aims to provide a supportive forum for urban researchers, policy-makers and practitioners to come together to share and discuss research related to Australasian cities. The conference has been running biennially since 2003, with the next instalment scheduled for 2023.

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