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A safe place to call home

This report presents a summary of the evidence that Mission Australia has been gathering over the last three years, including rich data from their services, experiences of their practitioners, and the voices of people with a lived experience of homelessness.

Youth survey report 2022

Other authors
W. Waugh, Rachel Christie
The Mission Australia Youth Survey is the largest annual survey of young people in Australia. Now in its 21st year, the Youth Survey aims to identify the values, aspirations and issues of concern to young people. The Youth Survey was developed by Mission Australia to...

Without a home: first-time youth homelessness in the COVID-19 period

In 2021, many lives globally, including those of young people in Australia, were disrupted by the extensive impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of this report is to bring these young people’s experiences to light, by drawing on quantitative data to show the prevalence...

Clusters of COVID-19 impact: identifying the impact of COVID-19 on young Australians in 2021

This report looks into the types of impact experienced by young people during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the particular groups of young people who have faced more challenges. The report also details how the experience of different and multiple impacts relate to increases in stress...

COVID-19: housing market impacts and housing policy responses - an international review

Two years after the outbreak of COVID-19, this report analyses pandemic impacts on housing systems across a range of high income countries during this period, and documents a range of policy responses relating to housing and homelessness.