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Angela Jackson


Child Care Subsidy activity test: incentive or barrier to labour force participation?

The authors of this report argue that Australia continues to lag behind other developed countries, in terms of the labour force participation of women, with policy settings around paid parental leave and child care undermining progress.

Addressing Australia's critical skill shortages: unlocking women's economic participation

The analysis undertaken for this report suggests that Australia can address our economy's current and future skill needs by closing the gap between the number employed and hours worked of men and women across our economy.

Funding rare disease therapies in Australia: 2021 progress update

For the 2 million Australians living with rare diseases, access to medicines can be inadequate. This report reassesses 2014 research by the McKell Institute, assessing the state of rare disease therapies in Australia.

Disability and rare disease: towards person centered care for Australians with rare diseases

Many Australians with rare diseases aren’t receiving the treatment they deserve. This report uses comprehensive survey data gathered from Australians with rare diseases, and their carers, to identify gaps in treatment and outline how services, including the NDIS, can deliver better health outcomes.