Impact Economics and Policy


Child Care Subsidy activity test: incentive or barrier to labour force participation?

The authors of this report argue that Australia continues to lag behind other developed countries, in terms of the labour force participation of women, with policy settings around paid parental leave and child care undermining progress.

Reform critical: a fragmented health system at breaking point

Australia and New South Wales have the foundations of a great health system, with a highly professionalised workforce and principles of universality underpinning the efficient and effective delivery of health care. The authors of this report argue that those foundations are starting to crack, with...

Child Care Subsidy activity test: undermining child development and parental participation

This report argues that universal access to early childhood education and care will deliver significant improvements in childhood development, parental participation and productivity, and future productivity of the children that will benefit from greater access.

Aftershock: addressing the economic and social costs of the pandemic and natural disasters

As New South Wales recovered from the 2019-20 summer bushfires and the first case of COVID-19 was detected in Australia in February 2020, there was no indication of the upheaval and sacrifices that lay ahead. In this report, researchers look at mental health, drawing together...

Addressing Australia's critical skill shortages: unlocking women's economic participation

The analysis undertaken for this report suggests that Australia can address our economy's current and future skill needs by closing the gap between the number employed and hours worked of men and women across our economy.