NSW Council of Social Service (NCOSS)


Mapping economic disadvantage in New South Wales

This report looks at poverty rates, or the experience of significant economic disadvantage, for different population groups within NSW, as well as investigating which population groups are in poverty - the composition of poverty.

Access to healthy food

For the past three years, NCOSS has travelled around NSW, speaking to members about the issues that are important to them and their communities. Cost of living has come up as one of the key challenges, particularly in the context of its impact on healthy...

Turning off the lights: the cost of living in NSW June 2017

In this report, NCOSS spoke to people and families doing it tough across NSW, hearing from people living below the poverty line on their experience and what would make a real difference for them.

Call for a New South Wales homelessness strategy

HomelessnessNSW.ACT, the NSW Women’s Refuge Movement, the Youth Accommodation Association and the NSW Council of Social Service commend the Iemma Government in developing a State Plan to guide the growth of NSW over the next 10 years.

‘Staying alive’: transport to treatment for people living with a chronic disease

Non-emergency health transport makes a significant difference to the lives of people living with cancer or undergoing treatment for chronic kidney disease in NSW. For many of these people it is a lifeline, reducing the burden of travel and improving access to healthcare services.