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Aftershock: addressing the economic and social costs of the pandemic and natural disasters

Report one - mental health
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This report series, Aftershock: addressing the economic and social costs of the pandemic and natural disasters, explores the impacts of the pandemic and natural disasters across several key domains of wellbeing – domestic violence, mental health, child welfare and development, and housing security. The aim is to document the huge personal and economic impacts which, if left unaddressed, will leave a long-term mark on the economy of NSW and its people.

In this report, the first in the series, researchers look at mental health, drawing together the research and latest data to highlight the devastating impacts of the past two and half years.

There are also broader economic implications for the people of NSW. Modelling undertaken for this report highlights the expected economic losses as a result of the higher rates of depression and anxiety.

There remain significant gaps in NSW’s mental health services and community supports to help those most impacted by the last two and half years of upheaval to recover and prosper. The time for investment to address these gaps is now, before the heightened levels of disadvantage outlined in this report become entrenched and additional long-term costs become unavoidable.

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